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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Celebrate Domino's Pizza UK's 25th Anniversary. Buy Any Pizza Any Size for just £9.99

To celebrate its 25th UK Anniversary Domino's Pizza is running it's very popular £9.99 promotion from Wednesday September 8th 2010 to Sunday 12th September.

It's available for delivery or collection and you can order it online, over the phone or in person.

To order it online you need to go to the Meal Deal tab. One nice feature of using the website is that you can select a pizza from the menu, like a Pepperoni Passion, and then add 2 extra toppings at no charge. You won't be able to do this over the phone as the staff will correctly charge you for the toppings, but it is a feature, or bug depending on how you look at it, of fixed price meal deals on the Domino's website.

On the downside, half and half pizzas cannot be ordered as meal deals. This is just due to technical reasons, though I believe a workaround is being sought.

You can come into the store on Cavendish Walk, next to Costa Coffee, and order, then watch the pizza being made in front of you in the open plan kitchen, by our highly-trained staff, or order of the phone for delivery or pick up on 0151 449 0449.

Happy Birthday Domino's Pizza!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Get The Top-Selling Manager's MegaDeal at Domino's Pizza Huyton

Domino's Pizza Meal DealThe Manager's Online MegaDeal consists of a Large Regular Crust Pizza, a Garlic Pizza Bread, TWO Portions of Chicken Strippers and a 1.25l Bottle of Coke or Fanta for the belly-busting price of just £19.99.

You can choose any pizza from the menu or create your own with up to 5 toppings for that price. Extra toppings are just £1.40 each and you can also upgrade your pizza base to The Dominator for £2 or Double Decadence for just £3 extra.

You can order it by going to the website and clicking on The Deals Tab.

Alternatively, you can phone the store on 0151 449 0449 or by coming into the store in person and ordering face to face. You will then be able to see the whole order being made in front of your eyes from start to finish.

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Domino's Pizza Triple Cheesecake Selection - Reviewed at Huyton

<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/09WxOLb3dPE25f01312f21179648481a8f1ea54ff7d.htm">LinkedTube</a>

Domino's Pizza have recently launched their latest exciting dessert - The Triple Cheesecake Selection.

Here it is being reviewed - and tasted - at our branch in Huyton.

It comprises 3 mini slices of cheesecake

- White Chocolate Cookie Dough and Raspberry Cheesecake

- Millionaire's Caramel Shortcake Cheesecake

- Lemon Meringue Cheesecake.

They are just £3.99 for a pack of 3 and are absolutely delicious, our favourite being the one in the middle - the Cookie Dough and Raspberry.

You can order them in the shop, over the phone on 0151 449 0449 or online at the main Domino's Pizza website

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Domino's Pizza Huyton Launches Garlic Mozzarella Sticks

Domino's Mozzarella SticksHere at Domino's Pizza Huyton we have just started to stock a great new side order - Garlic & Herb Mozzarella Sticks, which are 5 breaded mozzarella sticks with a garlic & herb coating, served with a garlic & herb dip.

They are priced at just £3.99 for a portion or if you order online and go to the Meal Deal Tab, you can get them for half-price with any large pizza.

You can order them in the shop, over the phone on 0151 449 0449 or online at the main Domino's Pizza website

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Domino's Pizza Huyton Driver of the Year Tom Horsford

Tom Horsford Dominos Pizza
Tom Horsford recently won the Driver of the Year Award for Domino's Pizza Huyton.

We felt that his positive can-do attitude and helpfulness towards customers deserved wider recognition, so Tom was nominated for the UK & Ireland Competition.

Tom made it through to the final 5 at the recent Awards Ceremony in Milton Keynes. Well done Tom! There certainly was some stiff competition.

Recently we attended the Domino's Pizza 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Las Vegas and amongst the souvenir items on sale was this replica of the original Domino's Pizza delivery vehicle, a VW Beetle.

The story goes that the first Domino's Pizza (then called Domi-Nick's) was opened on Dec 9th 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, by Tom Monaghan and his brother.

After 6 months of tireless work, Tom's brother wanted out of the business, and as a 50% shareholder, all Tom was able to offer him was the store's beat-up old VW Beetle, which his brother gratefully accepted.

Nearly 40 years later, and with over 8,000 stores open Worldwide, Tom sold most of his stake in the business to Bain Capital for approx $1 billion. Not bad for half a Volkswagen Beetle!

So naturally we bought the car for Tom who is an avid model collector, mainly of steam trains! Keep up the great work!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Domino's Pizza Huyton Leads the Way with Foursquare Promotion

Domino’s Pizza, the UK’s leading pizza delivery company, has teamed up with social media location application Foursquare to offer Foursquare users both discounts for all and a special free pizza offer for the mayor of any Domino’s store.

With immediate effect, every Wednesday will see the mayor of any Domino’s store receive a free small pizza. In addition, any Foursquare user who checks in at a Domino’s store and spends over £10 will receive a free garlic pizza bread.

The deal was arranged web company Vexed, one of Domino’s digital agencies.

Chris Moore, CEO of Domino’s Pizza, said: “Our customers are heavy users of social media, so it makes sense for us to communicate with them in this way. Following the success of our recent Facebook superfan initiative and affiliates’ widget, Foursquare was the obvious next step.

“Our franchisees up and down the country are looking forward to welcoming their mayors every day of the week – but especially on Wednesdays when we will be cementing the relationship with a free small pizza.”

Phone us on 0151 449 0449

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Domino's Pizza Huyton Earns Highest Possible Food Hygiene Rating in "Scores On The Doors Rating"

Scores on the Doors Dominos Pizza Huyton
The following is a Press Release from Knowsley Council about their newly-launched Scores on the Doors Scheme under which all the nearly 450 Food Premises in the Borough of Knowsley have been rated as part of a national scheme.

Only 28 premises, including us, were awarded the Excellent Five Star Rating, making Domino's Pizza Huyton the only Hot Food Takeaway or Delivery Business in the area to earn this rating.

You can order your food from us, confident in the knowledge that we always maintain the highest standards of hygiene, ensure all of our staff (including drivers) complete The Basic Food Hygiene Certificate before they start work with us, and that we maintain a fully-compliant HACCP Log (which means we have a fully-documented system of temperature control and cleaning procedures).

Here is the Press Release

Knowsley Council is introducing ‘Scores on the Doors’, a scheme which ranks the results of food hygiene inspections in a five star rating system.

The results are available to the public through the Knowsley Council website (www.knowsley.gov.uk/scoresonthedoors).

Food hygiene inspections are carried out at all Knowsley businesses which handle food, in line with national guidelines.

The scores are awarded for food hygiene and safety procedures, condition of the premises and the management of the business and its food safety systems.

The inspections are then converted into the following star ratings:

Star rating Standard of premises

* * * * * (5 star) Excellent

* * * * (4 star) Very good

* * * (3 star) Good

* * (2 star) Fair

* (1 star) Poor

(0 stars) Major improvement needed

Cllr Ken Keith, Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate and Customer Services, said: “The ‘Scores on the Doors’ scheme will be really helpful for people in Knowsley to decide where to eat and buy their food because they can now see how premises are performing on food hygiene.

“Having this public rating system is a great incentive for local businesses to make sure they are following all food hygiene guidelines and achieving the very highest standards.

“I congratulate those premises which are performing well and receiving the highest ratings and would encourage those performing less well to take on board our ratings and recommendations to improve their standards.

“Knowsley’s Environmental Health team will continue to work closely with all premises to make sure they have the highest possible standards of food hygiene.”

PICTURE: Cllr Ken Keith (far left) and Food Safety Officer Julie Robinson (second from right) with staff from Domino’s Pizza in Huyton – (l to r) Tom Horsford, Paul Hollis and franchisee Simon Pickles. Domino’s Pizza in Huyton Village is one of the premises to receive a five star ‘excellent’ rating.


A wide range of businesses across Knowsley are included in the scheme, including:

· Retail businesses handling open or perishable food

· Catering establishments

· Mobile traders

· School and work canteens

· Institutional kitchens (eg nursing and residential homes)

437 premises in Knowsley are listed on the Scores on the Doors website, with the ratings below:

5 star – 28 premises

4 star – 117 premises

3 star – 109 premises

2 star – 115 premises

1 star – 46 premises

0 star – 22 premises

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Domino's Pizza Huyton and St Helens - The Lunch Specialists

Domino's Pizza St Helens and Huyton specialise in Lunch Orders. Whether they are big or small, for personal or business customers, we can assure you that our years of expertise will go to making your order go as smoothly as possible.

You can order by telephone or over the internet.

Using only fresh ingredients, each order is individually hand-made and can be customised to your requirements.

We can provide cups for your drinks, napkins, paper plates and dips to make your meal go as smoothly as possible and mean there is minimal mess to clean up.

For more information please phone the shops on 01744 733 566 or 0151 449 0449

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Customer Raves About Domino's Pizza Huyton Website When Viewed on iPad

One of our favourite long distance customers, Bar-b-Khoo from Portland, Oregon has been testing out the Domino's Pizza website on her new iPad.

And she loves it so much she's tweeted all her fans and followers with what she found.

Here are her two tweets. Click on the links to see the pictures, or why not join Twitter and follow her adventures through the World of Barbecued Food and Pizza.

We love you Bar-b-Khoo!

Checking out @dominoshuyton pizza. Drooling at Texas BBQ and Tandoori hot (my faves!) http://twitpic.com/1kewgpless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

@dominoshuyton Yum! I loved the garlic pizza bread and honey mustard dip too http://twitpic.com/1kexruless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Domino's Pizza Huyton Pays Tribute to The Mexican Sizzler Pizza

The Mexican Sizzler is a spicy combination of chicken fajita slices, crunchy tortillas, green peppers, red peppers and jalapenos on Domino’s classic fresh dough base with vine-ripened tomato sauce and 100% mozzarella.

It's the Official 2010 Britain's Got Talent Pizza, designed by Emma Johnston from Glasgow after taking part in a National Competition in which her design was chosen from over 38,000 entries and won her a prize of £10k

And it's at Domino's Pizza Huyton now!

To "audition" the pizza just phone the store on 0151 449 0449, or log on to Domino's, and order yours.

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