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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Our Chickens !

Ant & Dec
Originally uploaded by pop345
Look I know it's got nothing to do with pizza, but I wanted to share with you this picture of our two chickens, Trisha and Glenys,who came to us 2 weeks ago after being rescued from a battery farm by Little Hen Rescue, a charitable trust which rehomes over 15,000 ex-battery chickens per year.

After their first moult at the age of about 13 months chickens become less productive in their egg-laying and so uneconomic. They are thus disposed of or rehomed by people like Little Hen Rescue.

Their feathers are starting to grow back, the bumps and bruises from a lif of over-crowdedness have gone and they are pretty much back to full strength.

Although Glenys has yet to lay an egg, young Trisha has given us one every single day since her arrival.

They are slowly getting used to the free range life and have completely eradicated the spider population in our garden!

So if you are interested in keeping chickens just ask me about it when you order your next pizza!